What does the author mean for iWrite.gr?

Writers are everything to iWrite's creative team, as our goal is to publish a work that matches the vision they have for their book. In other words, it is not the simple process followed in conventional publishing houses, where the final decision is always taken by the publisher or the director of a publishing studio, imposing his own subjective aesthetics or his opinion on marketing or what a "good" should have book". Therefore, each book is a truly separate project for us, since we "work" each time for a different "boss", for a different author. And the above concerns the publication of a book, from its first to its last step: from the philological editing and its pagination, the design of the cover - back cover mockup, the development of the book promo site, the design of promo material, the organization one or more book presentations, participation in the country's biggest book events, placement on bookstore shelves and much more. And this absolute "focus" that we have every time on each author and his book, is recognized by the creators who entrust their "children" to our creative team. And this is the greatest reward for our efforts and vision... A quick look at some of the following interviews of the writers of the iWrite.gr family will convince you of all the above!

Sincerely, iWrite.gr creative team

Nicoleta Kapilla, One time and one Ro!, iWrite Publications - www.iWrite.gr

Nicoleta Kapilla,
educational -

Once upon a time, when I was about two years old, I made my first attempt at writing, using my dad's notebook as a victim. At four I stretched out on the wooden ping-pong table, where I carved out my next piece of writing. Growing up, I started writing in my own notebooks and diaries, but mostly I read. Classic fairy tales, Aesop's fables, Greek mythology, folk tales, some funny and some scary. At the age of nine I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up: a teacher. And, with God's help, my first big dream came true. After studies and family, a flame that was burning inside me, started to flare up when my children started asking me to read them fairy tales and also to make up stories together. And somewhere in there, Mr. Ro was born, so suddenly, once upon a time! And as a proper teacher who tortures children with rules and spelling, this lady Grammar couldn't help but star in my story. A welcoming publisher, with professionalism, respect for the author as well as the reader, embraced my idea and turned it into a book. So iWrite, and another dream comes true. It was with excitement that I got my hands on the first drawings of the young, talented painter, Adamos Hatzikonstantis. But the most important moment is when you take your first book in your hands: you smell it, you read it, you hear that sweet sound of the pages... you see it on the shelves of bookstores, you see it in the hands of small children!

Katerina Triantafillou, Is Everything in Marriage Difficult? iWrite Publications

Katerina Triantafillou,
psychotherapist -

“The personal contact with them [iWrite] and the constant interaction are elements that I did not find in another publishing house. I am not an easy "customer"! I watched the birth of my book with a watchful eye and did not settle for anything less than perfect! Thanks to iWrite for offering it to me in such a beautiful and friendly way”.

The Dragon's Wound, Maria Moustopoulou, Pigi Publications

Maria Moustopoulou,

"I chose Pigi publications, because I liked their philosophy. It was a great joy and satisfaction to see that what was said on their site was not just words".

Let's talk about psychotherapy, Artemis Antoniou, iWrite.gr Publications

Artemis Antoniou,

"Publishing this book was for me a natural progression of its conception and writing. […] At iWrite I like and appreciate the personal and direct communication I can have with the editorial team I work with”.

Ariadni Ilioglou, iWrite Publications

Ariadni Ilioglou,

"Never again has a wish of mine come true so easily and quickly. [...] His people become a carpet to tread on. There could not be a more perfect collaboration. Which in the end even leaves you with valuable friends-thinkers".

Evlampia Tsireli, Daidaleos Publications

Evlampia Tsireli,
author - speaker

“This is a publishing house run by young, honest people with real love for what they do, vision and, most importantly, writing experience. When writers decide to set up a publishing house to help their colleagues, that means something, and if nothing else, it inspires confidence and security."

Yannis Daskalakis, iWrite Publications

Yannis Daskalakis,
psychologist - author

"I felt from the beginning that the creative editorial team at iWrite love what they do and they don't do it in the narrow confines of a business."

Maria Stefanou, iWrite Publications

Maria Stefanou,

"In everything, my opinion and my approval were asked for them to proceed. The result didn't just satisfy me, it exceeded my expectations."

Andreas Antoniou, iWrite Publications

Andreas Antoniou,

"What really won me over was the unprecedented and real respect for the writer and the literary work, which is the most basic thing for the writer-publisher relationship."

Vasilios Sotiroudas, iWrite Publications

Vassilis Sotiroudas,
educational -

"Choosing the publishing house iWrite was beyond any doubt an excellent choice. […] Their guidance at every step of the process turned the publication of the book into a dream journey with challenging stops”.

Athena Georgakopoulou, iWrite Publications

Athena Georgakopoulou,

"This particular book was a lifelong dream […] The feelings, I have to admit, were not unprecedented, because they were very close to the feelings I felt with the birth of my children".

Lonely Alkyones, Vasiliki Tsouni, Source Publications

Vasiliki Tsuni,

"You feel that your whole soul, whatever it hides, is printed in its entirety on its pages. […] From my side, a big thank you to the Standard Source Publications […] who made my dream come true and generously offered me such strong emotions”.

Fotini Panourgia, Parallel World, Pigi Publications

Fotini Panourgia,

"Pigi Publications and the iWrite creative team trusted me from the very beginning. They gave me the freedom to move as I wanted with my book, without censorship and commitments".

Tatiana Tzinioli, Road Trip, Pigi Publications

Tatiana Tsinioli,

"From the first moment, the first phone call and the first appointment, I understood that the publications are next to the author. To discuss his book and take a real interest in it. To take care of it and love it".

Artemis Veloudou, Nightmares, iWrite.gr Publications

Artemis Veloudou – Apokotou,

"They showed real interest, patiently explained the whole process to me and most importantly, made me feel optimistic and bold about the whole venture again. The end result was ten steps further into my mind than I had imagined…”

Dimitris Anastasiou, iWrite Publications

Dimitris Anastasiou,

"The result justified my expectations 101%! […] It is as if I designed and created my book myself, just as I wanted and imagined it, but without doing it myself!”

Despina Klironomou, iWrite Publications

Despina Kleronomou

“I felt that in addition to the commercial partnership, the writer for the iWrite team was a partner and fellow traveler in the world of the spirit. [...] I wish all authors to be lucky enough to have such a collaboration".

Haris Oikonomopoulos, The Last Door, Pigi Publications

Haris Economopoulos,

"As a young writer I am happy to work with a newly established publishing house. With young people who have the appetite and drive to practically support the writers they work with, in a friendly and creative atmosphere".

Nikolaos Mouras, iWrite Publications

Nikos Mouras,

"Consistency, understanding and professionalism. The final form of my book was much better than what I had in mind."

Aphrodite Pi, iWrite Publications

Aphrodite Pi, musician -

"I realized that only with iWrite I could get the result I wanted. They need to believe in your book themselves."

Giannis Giannakaronis, iWrite Publications

Giannis Giannakaronis,

"My choice in retrospect turned out to be highly successful. These are people with knowledge of the field and excellent professionals".

Ethalia Kaderoglou, iWrite Publications

Ethalia Kaderoglou

"The deep experience of iWrite, being the authors themselves, the simplicity and directness with which they handle every stage of publishing and especially the support they offer after publication is exactly what I needed."

Chrysanthi Tsiamtsi, iWrite Publications

Chrysanthi Tsiamtsi,

"I can already say that I made the right choice! I thank the partners of iWrite.gr for their authenticity, simplicity and I wish them wholeheartedly many, many successful publications!”

Philip Preedrou, iWrite Publications

Philip President,

"The quality of the work is reflected in the final result, which far exceeded my aesthetic expectations."

Persons of the Senses, Dimitris Oikonomou, iWrite.gr Publications

Dimitris Oikonomou,

"iWrite took me by the hand and put me with "Faces of the Senses" on the path of "Standard Source Publications" and from the first moment there was the same need and the same interest to finally achieve the best possible result."

Elda Golemi, I chose death to live, Source Publications

Elda Golemi,

"I trusted them with my eyes closed from the first moment. I felt like I found my best friend when I first contacted them. Source Standard Editions transported me to another world. In the dream world".

Ichnelatis, Ioannis Chandrakis, iWrite.gr Publications

Ioannis Handrakis,

“I knew that when I called them, they would be there for me. They will be there to listen, advise and help me. I consider them my family now. Spiritual parents of my first "child".

Petros Spinos, Allotrine Prayers, Pigi Publications

Petros Spinos,

"Communication and human contact play a key role in any collaboration. At the Pigi publishing house, everyone showed excessive zeal so that my work was highlighted in an ideal way. And they succeeded."

Nektarios Buterakos, See Me Otherwise, Pigi Publications

Nektarios Buterakos,

"After meeting the publishers and the impeccable treatment I received, if I had the opportunity to choose Pigi publications again I would do so. I like to work with young people who have an appetite for work and creation".

Evangelos Rigas, iWrite.gr Publications

Evangelos Rigas, poet

"Everything that has a soul hides life and everything that hides life needs love to flourish. I felt this love for the book at iWrite publications and I am glad to have collaborated with them".

George Papathanasiou,

"My choice had to do with the fact that Source Standard Editions was, and is, close to young writers... it is close to defending and highlighting new talents and writers, giving them the opportunity to make their work known."

Lili Papadopetrou, Processed Dreams, iWrite.gr Publications

Lili Papadopetrou,
author -

"I consider writing to be a path to self-knowledge: a sometimes painful and sometimes fun process. […] At iWrite I had friendly support, offer of specialized knowledge but also respect for my personal choices. And unlimited patience regarding my… unlimited corrections”.

Charalambos Vasiliadis, iWrite Publications

Charalambos Vasiliadis,

"I understood from the first moment that this is a group that loves books and authors and that is ready to give something innovative to the publishing market with respect for readers."

Minas Papageorgiou, iWrite Publications

Minas Papageorgiou,

"My collaboration with iWrite's creative editorial team was flawless from start to finish."

Stelina Margaritidou, iWrite Publications

Stelina Margaritidou,

"I like the friendly atmosphere, the ease of communication and the effort made to make the author and his book known. I think this is also the main goal..."

Elena Karanatsi, iWrite Publications

Elena Karanatsis,

"When I was convinced of the interest and enthusiasm of the publishing house for my idea, I thought that we have a very good basis to move forward."

Konstantinos N. Mantzikos - Music Heals, iWrite.gr Publications

Konstantinos Mantzikos,

"iWrite Publications brought me closer to my book at every stage until it took its final form. The work he did left me completely satisfied. Thank you in front of what the publishing house did for me is a little! His team is trustworthy."

Anastasia, Fighting with Schizophrenia, Andri Khairalla, iWrite.gr Publications - www.iWrite.gr

Andri Khairalla,

"I don't just believe that I made the right choice with iWrite, but I am confident and this is confirmed not only by the final result, but also by the excellent cooperation I have had so far with the publisher."

East in Paradise, Stefanos Bellos, Pigi Publications

Stefanos Bellos,

"Writing for me is an inner need. [...] Behind Pigi Publications are people with an appetite and passion for the Greek book and for the new Greek Author".

Angeliki Kourmoulaki, Onirotropia, iWrite Publications

Angeliki Kourmoulaki,

"In the iWrite team I found consistent professionals and well-intentioned people, who welcomed my work with enthusiasm and kindness. They were thus a pleasant stop in a thorny adventure in search of a publishing solution".

Aresti Respakis, iWrite Publications

Aresti Respakis,

"I trusted iWrite and I was vindicated. And today I trust it, only now, now that I have personally met all the young people who make up his creative team, all those who worked perfectly with me, who made me feel and consider them my own people".

Fateful Interventions, Vasiliki Diamanti, Source Publications

Royal Diamond,

“A title can be easily written next to a name but it can hardly be kept and requires constant proof. All these beautiful things were given to me by Pigi Standard Editions".

Maria Amanatidou, iWrite Publications

Maria Amanatidou,
author -

"When you are writing you treat your work like a small child. For me iWrite is the best "nanny". Tender but strict at the same time. He tells me the truth about my book and doesn't let me exaggerate."

Christos Tsogas, Th... Thrace - Thessaly - Thessaloniki, Pigi publications

Christos Tsogas,

"The collaboration with Pigi Publications came effortlessly and I hope it will continue in a constructive and fruitful way".

Ethalia Kaderoglou

"The deep experience of iWrite, being the authors themselves, the simplicity and directness with which they handle every stage of publishing and especially the support they offer after publication is exactly what I needed."

Vangelis Nastos, iWrite Publications

Vangelis Nastos,

"The moment I first held the book in my hands, time stopped. The appetite, creativity, passion of the children of iWrite for an even result but also the skills to achieve it are evident from the first moment".

Andreas Andreou, iWrite Publications

Andreas Andreou,

"Undoubtedly iWrite is a golden choice. It was kind of karmic I think. I will never forget the company's devotion to my book, their flexibility, their persistence with my 'quirks' and the fact that my perfectionism was a pleasure to them and not a nuisance."

Giorgos Stephanopoulos, iWrite Publications

George Stephanopoulos,

"A very important part of the success of my book is certainly due to the overall image and setup of it that the editorial team of iWrite undertook and I feel lucky to have met them along the way and worked with them."