A valuable helper and tool in the educational process is the book; not only the textbook but also the book that can instill a love of reading and that complements a learning unit with further informational material of either general or specialized interest.

In the showcases of our editions there are titles that, on the one hand, bear the "stamp" of an educator, on the other hand, they approach a series of contemporary social problems and issues, through stories suitable for children. Through their use in the classroom, the teacher further enriches his "quiver" with primary/original material, which allows him to present and problematize the children on various topics, such as school bullying, mobile phone addiction and the internet, managing emotions, accepting diversity and the Holocaust – to name just a few. Often the responsible departments of Primary and Secondary Education have incorporated our books in their proposals to schools in their region.

Our writers, as well as our specialized collaborators, with training and experience in creative work and organization of educational activities, are available to participate in corresponding events inside and outside the classroom. We already have a series of highly successful events under our belt. Our writers are always willing to participate or coordinate actions in schools addressing our children and teachers.

Of great interest to parents as well as teachers are our publications for children accompanied by electronic further educational material. See the fairy tales of iWrite Publications (publishing "little brother" of Pigi Publications) on the site: www.iwrite.gr

Finally, we offer the possibility for bulk orders (over 5 copies) to schools, Children's Libraries, KDAP and other educational organizations, at special, extremely friendly prices!

For any information, you can find us at email: [email protected]

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