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    The ebook is serious business

    for iWrite's creative team, which in practice means it needs experience and in-depth knowledge of the world of digital reading and digital publishing around the world.

    More specifically, in Greece (and in hundreds of other countries worldwide) most publishing houses present pdf files as ebooks, which is undeniably wrong. The reason they do it? Simple, since the pdf book (a file commonly used to publish a printed book) is much easier to set up, while due to the long history of printed books in our country (as opposed to the past of ebooks) it does much more easy and "cheap" finding a graphic designer to undertake it. The end result, however, is amateur publications that do not take advantage of the possibilities of digital books at all, on the contrary, they make it difficult (or even impossible) to read a book, thus "dooming" its commercial success...

    The most important thing to keep in mind when thinking "ebook" is that it should be read easily on any reading device (PC, Mac, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, etc.), while it should be given to the reader the full ability to specify the size and type of font desired for reading, the color combination (black letters on a white background or chamois "paper", white letters on a black background, etc.), the ability to mark certain phrases while adding his own comments, the possibility to take advantage of additional features (such as dictionary plugins, etc.), the addition of bookmarks to pages he wishes and much more.

    All of the above, therefore, make the "setting up" of an ebook a completely different process than the classic "setting up" of a printed book. More specifically, the "setup" of the ebook is more "programming" than graphic work, thus requiring the right professional: a programmer with graphic experience! How many such professionals are there in Greece? Few and among them and the iWrite creative team, no doubt!

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