Why should I translate my book?

"In an international market with ever-increasing needs, but also possibilities for communication, a book translated into English is ready to travel the length and breadth of the planet, meeting a wide readership. In short, by translating your book into English you potentially gain an audience of hundreds of millions of readers. At this point, as a writer, you need to think: What are the characteristics of my work? Does it convey specific messages to the reader that make it unique? Are these messages universal? Can my book be read by an American, a Brit, a Swede or a Japanese?

If the answers to the above questions are affirmative, then yes, it is worth furthering your thoughts and plans regarding the future translation of your book, while making a dream of yours come true!”

Somewhere here, of course, we should also note the fact that several of the classical authors were recognized only after their works were translated into English or some other language.

Minas Papageorgiou
Public Relations Manager iWrite Publications

/// Did you know that several classic authors (like the ones below) only became recognized after their works were translated into English or another language?

In May 2023, we participated in the Seoul International Book Fair, having the opportunity to present a series of iWrite children's books to the South Korean readership, as well as to hundreds of agents from around the world.
Previously we took care of translating the texts of our books into English and adapting them to the pagination of our works. In fact, in one case we chose to translate the book into Korean, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the visitors of the exhibition.
For us, participation in International Book Fairs is an opportunity for contact with new publishing and reading markets, always within the framework of the healthy extroversion that distinguishes our effort. "

Minas Papageorgiou
Public Relations Manager iWrite Publications

The biggest book festivals in the world...

"Every year, large book fairs are organized around the world that host thousands of titles from every corner of the planet. In these exhibitions, publishers and authors have the opportunity to come into contact with writing projects of other countries, a fact that in several cases leads to negotiations, the conclusion of agreements and the signing of contracts for projects ready to spread their wings "out there". The most popular of these is undoubtedly the International Book Fair in Frankfurt, as well as the London Book Fair which is organized every year in the capital of Great Britain.

By translating your book into English and regardless of the process of promotion moves with foreign agents that can "run" from Greece, you have the opportunity to visit one of the major book fairs abroad, experiencing the whole process up close, gaining valuable experiences and possibly closing a deal that will make your dream come true!”

Why should I choose you?

"And in this new integrated project of our publishing team, we could only collaborate with the best! Our translation team consists of people  with many years of experience in translation work on literary and non-literary books, with an emphasis on translation from Greek to English (first choice among authors and publishing houses in our country).

Having translated demanding literary works in previous years and having successfully promoted quality titles in Greece and abroad, we are able to announce that  we have the necessary expertise to support the author at all stages of the intended process. From the step-by-step translation of the book, the transformation of his work into an ebook of international standards and its placement in major online stores such as Amazon and iStore   until his promotion to foreign agents in search of a foreign publishing house.

This is a particularly demanding service, which we designed with great care and a sense of responsibility to serve the Greek author in the best possible way, capable of responding to the serious task of translating and promoting his book abroad."

Valantis Nagoloudis
Co-Founder & General ManageriWrite Publications

/// At the beginning of 2018, our book "In the shadow of silence" (Pigi Publications) by Maria Karagiannis was released in Chinese in collaboration with Shanghai People's Publishing House. It was preceded by the English translation and participation in the Frankfurt International Fair in 2016.

After the translation what? (forward movements)


There are many translators from English to Greek, but few who do the reverse and even fewer who consult the author throughout their collaboration. This alone makes our project unique. In addition, no translator promotes the books he translates abroad for free and this is definitely our "strong card"!

Having a database of agents and having built  a large network of various popular writing platforms, such as Amazon / Kindle, Wattpad, etc. we now enable a Greek project to be judged in the large English-speaking market.

The chances of a foreign publisher buying the rights of a Greek book depend to a significant extent on the quality of the translation, the level of the work and of course on the sale price of the author's rights. This is a process which is not at all easy to achieve since the supply of books is large while the demand is small.

The professionals who deal with the rights of foreign language works are usually the agents. Each agent usually specializes in one book category. Our goal is to reach those who deal with the corresponding category to which our book belongs. This is how the evaluation of your project abroad begins. Since we choose to send the sample to several agents at the same time, we increase the chances of a positive response in the next period of time.

But an agent is nothing more than a good reader who receives hundreds of proposals.  If he decides to make us an offer to buy the rights of our book, then we are asked to decide whether we will sell the rights in the specific market - language or not.

But our translation is ready and of course we have already prepared the english version of the book in ebook.

As we mention in the section about the ebook, iWrite's creative team has chosen to work with the giants – pioneers of ebook distribution inside and outside Greece, such as e.g. Amazon Inc. (with 10 online stores in 10 languages), Apple Inc. (with the most popular iBooks store), etc. Thanks to such high-level partnerships, a potential readership of tens of thousands is ensured  readers on all possible reading devices (smartphones, eReaders, tablets, PCs, Mac, etc.), while at the same time the author benefits from the strongest protection mechanism for his intellectual property (Adobe DRM Protection, etc.).

Our translated book will have the possibility to be judged whether the way is through agendas or through its conversion into an electronic book.

Caress Scandyla
Public Relations OfficeriWrite Publications

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