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We are moving into times where the darkness once again spreads its shadow menacingly over humanity, in every aspect of our lives: political, social, religious... In our country these phenomena appear magnified, a fact that has clearly influenced a series of factors that they adversely affect our particular temperament and culture. The Book Series of iWrite Publications, under the name Lux Orbis (The Light of the World), attempts to highlight progressive ideas of contemporary thinkers, as well as brilliant, forgotten works from the modern era (17th-20th centuries). The ultimate goal of the initiators of this fresh publishing effort is to bring to the forefront of the Public Sphere the need for the coming of a New Enlightenment, which in turn will inoculate society with information and radical positions that will help the Sun rise again above Greece.

Just Released

The latest books released from the Lux Orbis Series of iWrite publications

    Newer views of Enlightenment ideas (20th-21st century)

    Modern thinkers are inspired by the Enlightenment proposals and take a stand against the challenges of their time.

      Tribute to 1821

      The Neohellenic Enlightenment is directly linked to the preparation of the great uprising.

        Authentic texts of a forgotten era

        Reprint of original texts of the New Greek Enlightenment, which provide answers to contemporary concerns


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              Series Director's Note

              Welcome to the Lux Orbis page. This is a special Series of Books published by iWrite, which focuses its interest on works from the era of the Neo-Greek and European Enlightenment, as well as the projections of these positions and ideas in the modern world. Our books, imbued with passion, original approaches and research passion, fill an important gap in the domestic publishing scene, at the same time grafting the Public Sphere of our country with positions and views worthy of attention.

              Our ultimate goal is for the release of each Lux Orbis book to arouse intense interest and reflection, both among the general reading public and among experts, ultimately putting an extra stone in the formation of a new perception of History, which in turn will contribute to the coming of a new Enlightenment that will positively affect our country and its people in the future.

              Minas Papageorgiou