Dear friends booksellers,
We have always believed that the book's natural place is on the shelf of a bookstore. The Standard Source Culture Group (Editions iWrite, Pigi Publications, Daedaleos Publications) was founded in the summer of 2010. Although we innovated due to our studies in many key points of both the publishing process and distribution, we did not stop aiming to expand the network of our physical and electronic partner bookstores.

With offices and showrooms in Athens and Thessaloniki, with a specialized and experienced publishing team, with excellent use of new technologies, we have created long-term cooperative relationships with over 450 bookstores and platforms around the world.

For us, the bookstore is a space that we want not only to continue to exist, but to develop even more. We have proven it and we prove it in practice every day by treating all bookstores in exactly the same way and on the same terms, whether it is a small neighborhood bookstore or the largest chain of bookstores in the country. In cooperation with many bookstores, we have organized and are organizing dozens of successful book presentations and conferences. Through bookstores, we offered a lot of free printed material designed for readers, and finally, there were not a few times when we raised the flag of corporate social responsibility together by supporting unions, libraries, and individual efforts of people in need. So if you run a bookstore and are looking for professionals in the publishing field, quality books, authors with an opinion and vertically integrated collaboration, don't hesitate to contact us and discuss how to become a member of our network.

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Indicative Cooperating Bookstores of Cyprus

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    Free Press – Post-Inspiration

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    Metainspiration is the free press newspaper of the Model Source Culture Group, in our effort to travel our books and authors even further. It is printed in a circulation of 5.000 copies and is available in selected bookstores and distribution points in Athens, Thessaloniki, as well as other large cities in the province.

    The first issue of Metainspiration was released in June 2019, with the main aim of distributing it to the readership of the major exhibitions that were (and are still) held at that time in the capital and co-capital.

    On the pages of the magazine, the reader has the opportunity to read texts, thoughts and interviews of our authors, as well as news from the book world on a wide range of topics and interests. In a few words, it is a complete bibliophile periodical with a special collector's value.

    If you are a member of the Source Publishing website, you can receive the newsletter with your next new book purchase.