There is a misconception (now less and less) that alternative ways of publishing (such as "self-publishing", or otherwise "independent publishing") do not concern books of high value and recognition. That authors with rich resumes always choose the conventional publishing model… but is that the case? in the last 4 years proves the exact opposite, since in the ranks of its family it now has highly successful authors with a rich resume and publishing success. In fact, our authors have been awarded in nationally recognized writing competitions.

A typical example is our author Giorgos Sanidas, who has been awarded by the Panhellenic Union of Writers for his play "Our Gold Divides". He also teaches "Creative Writing - Reading" courses in various municipalities, since he has been recognized for his work. In addition, the book by our teacher and author Thodoris Koukia, "The Dead Fish", has been honored twice with the prize "Excellence and Innovation in Education" from the Ministry of Education.

In addition, the writer and the greatest Greek boxer (according to numerous Greek and foreign publications) Giorgos Stephanopoulos, was awarded in 2012 by the Municipality of Peristeri. After the great recognition of his book "A Life Like a Ring" (iWrite Editions), the municipality renamed the Olympic Boxing Stadium in his honor to "Giorgos Stephanopoulos", paying tribute to the only living boxer to receive such an honor! For the work of this great boxer and iWrite author, you can read here.

And the examples of acclaimed authors belonging to our family go on…
From the field of Medicine, Dr. Christos Kalaitzis (Assistant Professor of Urology at the Democritus University of Thrace) saw his project "Greek-German & German-Greek DICTIONARY OF MEDICAL TERMS" get a new boost after choosing to self-publish (against the conventional publishing model he had been following for years).
In the same branch, a recent member of the iWrite family is Dr. Dimitris Giulekas (professor of Pulmonology at university Medical Schools), who saw the benefits of self-publishing through from the beginning and released his work "The Unwritten Pneumology" at the beginning of 2014. An impressive event at Telloglio Arts Foundation A. P.Th. (Thessaloniki) came to confirm the great recognition of himself and his work, in the university and scientific field all over Greece.

In addition, our writers include Minas Papageorgiou, a well-known journalist of the newspaper Eleftheros Typos and editor-in-chief of the insert magazine FAINOMENA. After the success of his first work "Trojan Horse", he recently released the book "The Problem of the Historicity of Jesus" which was designed entirely in our studios!

In the field of poetry, the member of the iWrite family, Despina Kontaxis, has been awarded several times for her poetry at the Panhellenic, International and World level. Her poems can be found in the anthologies: 5th Poetry Festival 2009 Anthology, Poetry and Painting Anthology 2009, Hortiatis Municipality Anthology on the theme of Petra 2010, Kavala Municipality Anthology, "Orion" Publications Anthology and in the "Forward Press Regionals 2010-The World" Anthology Is Your Oyster”. In addition, he has written the poetry collections "I think of you waiting" and "The loneliness of the bed-walker", which received the prize of the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists as the 2nd best book for 2010.
Our poet Niki Tagalou is moving in the same direction, awarded with many national and international awards and holder of the academic title "Bachelor of Arts in Poetry" from the International Art Academy.

To all of the above, add the names of now-classic authors of world literature who chose to self-publish at some point in their careers, and you will understand why thoughts of the style "self-publishing is not for well-known books" are based on ignorance or deceit…
Want examples? Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia Woolf, Alexandre Dumas (author of "The Count of Montechristo" and "The Three Musketeers"), Beatrice Potter (author of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"), etc. For more on classic authors who chose self-publishing, read here...
Every book presented through our publications has been previously evaluated and approved by our relevant departments. This means how we have identified in it special elements and characteristics that make it unique and worthy of attention for Greek readers.
However, there are also cases where, beyond the publication, the recognition that a written work can acquire, the relevant publications, the tributes and the interviews that an author will be invited to give, there are also those books that achieve awards, before or after their circulation. In this case it is imperative to communicate this fact in every possible way.
By way of example, we mention the following cases of written works included in our publications:

Vanessa Lampropoulou's novel, "Agelastos Petra" (Panhellenic Prize for Literature).

The Fantasy novel by Christina Psyllas, "The Flame of Elegance" (Award for the best novel by a Greek author at the 2022 Fantasy Festival).

The poetry collection "Poems - Figures" (Gold List