Everything you didn't dare ask (or didn't want to be told until now) collected in a series of questions and answers from the creative team of iWrite! If after reading you still have any questions, ask us and we will immediately enrich the following list...

As soon as we receive the positive recommendation of the professional reader, then the publishing journey begins. The publication process of each project we undertake to transform into a book is personalized and it is necessary to have proper planning from the beginning. The author always has by his side publishing professionals from all specialties, with extensive experience in Greece and abroad, who are receptive to hearing his point of view. After all, the author as the initiator of the project will often propose a title that represents and meets the commercial standards for the project, so it will be adopted. There are many times when authors had great ideas for the cover and if they met the required criteria, they were also adopted. The issue is how much the author himself wants to be involved in the whole process.

If he has great confidence in the aesthetics and professionalism of the iWrite creative team (like most of our writers), then the entire publishing process will be simple for him. The same applies to all other steps after the release. In any case, it is very important that the author is active and we for our part are open to listen to his every suggestion that aims to make the reader happy with the overall result.

This is not necessary. iWrite's creative editorial team has made it very simple to communicate with the writers in our family. Result; With the exchange of emails and communication by phone or online, the editorial process proceeds with thoroughness and professionalism. Technology has been and is our strong friend from the very beginning of publishing.
Do you want proof too? The iWrite creative team has collaborated with writers from all over Greece, as well as from many foreign cities (Paris, London, Munich, Washington, Limassol, etc.), leading their works to a highly professional and aesthetically excellent version. A simple visit to the relevant section of our website will prove to you the truth about the quality of our works (read here), as well as the friendly cooperation with the authors of our family.

It depends on how your project will be sold. For example, in the case of book presentations, the update takes place immediately, after the book presentation is over. In the case of participation in festivals or book fairs, the information is also given immediately a few days after the completion of the respective event.
In the current case of sales through distribution channels (distributors, bookstores, online bookstores, etc.), you are updated every 6 or 12 months depending on the frequency of updating iWrite editions by the respective bookstore or distributor. For our part, we push on a weekly basis to update as soon as possible, but the rule of thumb for buying the book is 6 to 12 months.

The financial settlement is based on a contract. Usually once a year, while there are also cases where the author's monetary remuneration is given every six months from the release of the book. Here it is worth noting that the Publications give us detailed information about the sales of the copies. For example, we inform the author that such and such bookstore chain sold X copies, in the mentioned time period.

Copyright is not transferable or assignable, it remains with the author forever. What the author assigns is the commercial rights with some conditions of course provided by the agreement. Commercial royalties can be from 10% up to 100% in case of self-publishing. In any case the book should be read and approved by the professional reading group.

Before the book is published, the Author signs an agreement with the publishing house. In this we have taken care of all the above contingencies in a way that both sides will be happy. Many of our books have been hosted in newspapers as inserts, some have been translated and released abroad, some have been seen as a play and some have had other moves. Our respect for the author and his work for us is practical and we make sure everything is clear from the beginning.

iWrite Publications cooperates with the largest bookstore chains in Greece and Cyprus (e.g. Public, Ianos, Evripidis, Malliaris, Politeia, Parga, etc.). Of course, there are hundreds of distribution points, for this reason we have secured strategic partnerships with leading distribution companies, with which all booksellers in Greece and Cyprus cooperate, as well as with  the largest book wholesalers in southern and northern Greece, who have been cooperating for years with the best-known publishing houses of our country. But bookstores don't belong to us. Our Publications will sample the book in the most professional manner in them. The quantity that each bookstore will order depends on the bookstore itself.
However, it is worth mentioning that after so many years in the field we have  develop personal cooperation and excellent relations with many bookstores and distribution points that trust our judgment.

There is a general perception that authors who resort to self-publishing are because they cannot find a conventional publishing house to believe in them. Although a small number of iWrite authors fall into this category, the majority of them have made the choice to self-publish consciously, rejecting the conventional publishing model.
The reason is simple: having published books with the conventional model (or been informed by other authors about it), they saw that any profit is distributed among intermediaries and only a small (often zero) percentage reaches the creators themselves.
There are many examples: Dr. Dimitris Giulekas (Pneumologist of the University of Athens), Dr. Christos Kalaitzis, Giorgos Sanidas (writer, awarded by the Panhellenic Union of Writers) et al. Of course, even if an author wants to self-publish in the first place, the review of the professional reading should be worthwhile and become a free one.  feasibility study by us to ensure that the payback and profit possibilities are overwhelmingly high.

Self-publishing is a publishing model that requires special attention. iWrite Publications receives many proposals for self-publishing but few proceed. The reason is that on the one hand the book will go through a professional evaluation, so it should be publishable. Many times the professional reading is negative so the collaboration does not progress. In case we think that a book has some minor mistakes then we will give some advice to the author to rework it and resend it to us. A feasibility study is then done to make sure the author has the best chance of breaking even and making a profit. If the study is positive we will present it to the author. In short, the positives of self-publishing they move in the following tripartite: maintaining rights of commercial use of the work and  large percentage of profits.  The major downside to self-publishing is that the author is required to cover part or all of the cost of a publication. Of course, this negative is deleted as soon as it is done  the depreciation. There is also an opinion that it is vanity that the author himself pays for the publication of his book. For us, such a move does not show that he does not believe in his work, but that he believes so much that he is able to invest himself in order to have greater profits than his possible success.
If you still want to talk specific names, just read two related articles on iWrite's classic self-published authors page (read here). We don't think the authors in question are "vain" they just chose the self-publishing model.

It also helps to have the author involved in promoting his work, either online or in person. The more book launches, interviews or online promotion he does (in addition to support from our creative team), the more readers will read his work.  But is it 100% certain that an author will pay back if they choose the self-publishing route? The answer is no but with iWrite Publishing's creative team, high professionalism and the right tools the risk is dramatically reduced. In any case, an extensive update is necessary.

Definitely not! Our creative team has rejected a hundred times more book submissions than it has published. For us, the most basic stage is that of professional reading. Expert book category consultants read the book carefully and deliver a high resolution report. If this is positive, the book will be published. In case it is negative, the author will receive from us guidelines to improve it, to rework it and in the future if he wishes to send it to us again for a new evaluation. In any case, we believe that the author only has to gain from this process.

It is an answer that the only one who can accurately give is the end reader.  From our side  we offer the highest European standards: from the editing of your project to its pagination and from the design of the cover mockup to its printing and binding. Your work will then be supported by book presentations (the more the better), while it will be distributed to the network of bookstores we work with either directly from us or through  large wholesalers that sell the most important  books in Greece and Cyprus.
In conclusion, it is a given  updating hundreds  bookstores across the country, dozens  Media, thousands of readers, presence of your work in some of the biggest publishing events, personalized promotional moves  etc.
What's left? What iWrite cannot and does not want to do: write your book itself. So if you believe that your work is worthy and worth reading by the Greek readership, we will make sure to turn it into a high-quality book with the highest European publishing standards. From then on, it is up to the Greek readership to lead it to a publishing success.

Clearly not. This, in fact, is a misconception of people who have not developed any communication with our creative team (because they simply did not seek it). In essence, iWrite enables highly professional self-publishing, in the sense that the author can cover the costs of publishing their work themselves to keep 100% of the profits that will come in as long as the book has a positive review from the professional reading department.
In practice now, less than 20% of books published by iWrite are self-published. A large number of the 900+ books we have published are co-publishing (i.e., the cost of the investment is covered by both the author and our creative team, with a corresponding profit sharing) and an also large number have been published with the conventional publishing model (i.e. iWrite covers all expenses, keeping the author his legal author's fee).
So, the self-publishing model  it is essentially an opportunity for the author and not a one-way street, if he wants to work with our creative editorial team.

Expert professional readers  per book category read the book carefully and submit a high-resolution report. If it is positive, the book will be published.

There are three publishing options available to the author:

a) self-publishing (with retention of 100% of profits and commercial rights by the author)

b) co-publishing (with corresponding sharing of profits and commercial rights between the author and our creative team) 

c) the publication (by granting the commercial rights to our publications and keeping the legal author's fee from the author). In any case, in order to be able to create and support a book, we must first believe in it.

When a book is published by  iWrite's creative team, our family of writers are 100% covered from an accounting perspective to be  legal without the need to pay unaffordable insurance contributions for the possibility and only to issue the relevant documents. The procedures are simple and like all the rest, they will be answered in detail in the face-to-face, telephone or online meeting we will do.

And here we are dealing with a misconception that is gradually disappearing. It is true that authors who achieve publishing success through self-publishing are few and far between. But isn't the same true for authors who choose conventional publishing? For every best-selling novelist, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of authors whose books have undersold and most copies have ended up either in pulp (the worst moment in anyone's writing career) or sold at humiliating prices in some book bargain (also reducing the value of a work in the eyes of the potential reader).
Analyzing, therefore, proportionally the situation in the model of self-publishing and that of conventional publications, the best sellers are approximately the same. In fact, in our family of authors there are examples of books that have sold hundreds or even thousands over the course of 4 years and even more that have the ability and momentum (based on initial demand) to achieve this.
What differentiates us, however, is that even in the case of books that do not prove to be best sellers, we manage to avoid pulping or degrading them by selling them at low prices (1, 2 or 3 euros). We also manage to get the vast majority of our authors to fully recoup their initial investment, with the result that they have soon managed to publish their work without losing any money.

We cannot know this for sure and  we do not consider it ethical to make such absolute market-istic conclusions.
So, the answer is this: if there is another group composed of authors who have actually published books through various publishing houses before starting their own and have seen the bad texts, with rich studies in Greece and abroad, with a lot of experience in everything the editorial posts of conventional publishing houses, high European standards of aesthetics and typographic excellence in all the books it has published, a team that continuously participates in major publishing events in our country, offers free information (with personalized publishing studies) to hundreds of authors every year , supports Greek authors in practice (with dozens of publications, co-publications and collective works covering the entire investment itself), offers a series of services at no cost to its authors and has a continuous presence and development for over 10 years (having hopefully reached the 900+ titles), then yes… we are not the only ones.
But you will decide this, if you get in touch with our creative team.