Our creative team strongly believes that a book's natural place is in the bookstore. Therefore, since our establishment we have secured strategic partnerships with the leading bookstore chains in the country.

For example, we mention that our books are placed in stores Public and in bookstores such as StateThe Vanguard, The Janus, the Books Plus, The Euripides, The Patakis, The Hairy etc. Also, our daily cooperation with the leading distribution companies helps to achieve pan-Hellenic and pan-Cyprus coverage for our titles. Of course we cooperate and practically support the hundreds of children "neighborhood bookstores", since our commercial approach to them is similar to that of the country's largest bookstore chain. After all, we believe that the small bookstore should be supported both by publishers and readers, as well as by the state, which is why we have openly stated that we are against the abolition of the single price of the book. In addition, its most important online bookstores Greece and Cyprus, a market that has been growing rapidly in recent years, are our close partners.

But beyond its distribution through a bookstore, a book can be exposed to readers in other ways. Book fairs, these open-air celebrations that fascinate readers and take place every year in our country, attract thousands of potential readers. Our publications have participated continuously since their foundation in the most important of them. For example: Thessaloniki Book Festival, Thessaloniki book fairBook festival in ZappeionBook exhibition in PasalimaniBook festival on the Field of MarsExhibition of Nafpliofantasy festival in Athens, GreecePhantasmagoria at Thessaloniki, Greece etc. Finally, you will also find our foreign language titles during your visit to Frankfurt International Book Fair.

We also give great importance to direct sales (i.e. sales without intermediaries), through the organization of book presentations in Greece and Cyprus, so that our authors can get even closer to their readers. You can watch our book presentations in a library, in an elegant cafe, in a bookstore, or even in a specially designed space such as a book exhibition. From the reviewer Evros to Nicosia, we make sure to connect our writers with readers.

Being techies, we often provide incentives to our readers to place their orders through our site. The social media they are also an additional dynamic means of promotion and this is something we do not ignore. Dozens of our partners in InstagramFacebook and YouTube, often act as book resellers, since in addition to presenting one of our titles, they make sure to have the corresponding purchase link as well.

And we don't just stay there... The iWrite editions was one of the first publishing houses in the country to acquire a certified digital book locking system, from the leading software companies in the world market. Hence, you can procure them ebook us, beyond our own website, and from the websites of global giants of the genre, such as Amazon Inc. (with 10 online stores in 10 languages), the Apple Inc. (with the most popular iBooks store), etc. Thanks to such high-level partnerships, a potential readership of tens of millions of readers across all possible reading devices is ensured (smartphones, eReaders, tablets, PCs, Macs etc.), while at the same time the author benefits from the strongest mechanism for protecting his intellectual property (Adobe DRM Protection). Together with our partners, we continue to search for and open new places to display our titles every day, with the same passion as on the first day.