The creative team behind consists of young people with writing and publishing experience in Greece and abroad, who went into this business endeavor with a strong motivation of social contribution and the ultimate goal of providing publishing possibilities that did not exist until today to creative Greeks.

How does this translate into practice? Plenty of publishing packages, apart from the conventional ones, for an extremely low price, through which creative services of excellent (aesthetic and technological) quality will be offered to new or already recognized authors, who are looking for financially feasible outlets for the promotion of their work.

Simply speaking, iWrite's creative team offers cover mockup design, pagination, literary text editing, photo graphic editing, website research and development (book promo-sites, fully functional websites, personal blogs, promo-videos, or whatever think), study and implementation of promotion and marketing packages (on the internet and in printed, radio or television media), organization and artistic direction of speeches and exhibitions, study and selection of the most advantageous publishing solution for printing the written works in a print-on- demand (digital printing) or conventional publishing (printing through a printing press and distributing to bookstores) and… you get the point, don't you? There's a wealth of experience and know-how, so don't hesitate to put your thoughts and ideas to us so we can see together how they can be implemented.

And when it comes to finances, we don't hesitate to tell our... secret. We are able to offer such low prices because of our deliberate choice to use only open source programs (software packages), i.e. specialized programs with excellent design and functionality that are free and relatively unknown in the Greek publishing world. In short, where everyone uses Adobe InDesign or Quark Xpress we choose the internationally award-winning Scribus, where everyone designs in Adobe Photoshop we prototype by creating through GIMP and so on.

Somehow, we manage to create (printed and digital) publishing products with excellent aesthetics and technological quality, at the lowest possible cost. If you add to the above the strong motivation of offering social work to Greek authors that distinguishes our entire creative team (after all, we are first people of the book, being authors ourselves), you will understand how we make the... impossible possible.