iWrite Creative Team started as a new promising artistic publishing team based in Thessaloniki in 2010 who wanted to turn their attention to the whole of Greece and abroad.

In the ranks of the publishing team there are Greek artists and publishing professionals with rich studies and experience in Greece and abroad, who have set the goal of producing remarkable works of culture that can "stand" outside the Greek borders.

Browse through the iWrite publications website to get to know some of the projects it has undertaken and successfully completed, to understand the high aesthetics that governs its works and to be informed beyond the conventional ones, about the services and integrated publishing packages and promotion it offers. In the context of spreading the art of writing, the group has implemented many promising projects, such as competitions and scholarships for writers, support programs for writing groups for collective projects, etc.

The development of iWrite never stops. Our distribution network is constantly growing, covering even the most remote parts of Greece and Cyprus. Technology is our ally and we constantly take advantage of the new digital tools that are constantly evolving for the benefit of our books. Our goal is to give an outlet (with a strong sense of social responsibility) to the vision of hundreds of creative Greeks, so that they can offer their work to the Greek, Cypriot and global public. For this reason, we keep the prices low and open an invitation to all authors who want to make a difference!

After ten years of continuous presence alongside Greek and foreign authors, with more than 800 books, with more than 900 authors (from every corner of Greece and several cities abroad) already belonging to the iWrite.gr family, with over 2.500 authors to have already been informed responsibly and uncharitably by our publishing team (and therefore to have acquired the knowledge to protect the works and themselves), with hundreds of bookstores in Greece and Cyprus hosting our works and with thousands of copies of books already reach the hands of readers in Greece, Cyprus and many foreign countries (Germany, Australia, USA, France, England, Austria, etc.), the creative editorial team of iWrite.gr feels the need to thank you for the trust you have shown in its vision for an ethical publishing model, with European standards, which places the author and his potential reader as the core of the publishing process.

We continue with the same enthusiasm, the same passion and the same "love" (as when we started in August 2010) for the "good book" to serve creative Greek and foreign authors who trusted or will trust their "spiritual children" in our hands us, with one and only goal each time: excellent and special books that can "stand" aesthetically and editorially in the global publishing society.

The iWrite author family already lists dozens of new and old authors, with dozens of highly curated publications. Will you dare?