At publications iWrite we believe in the results that a collective effort can produce. At the same time, it is known that for years we have been supporting the quality pens of Greek writers, contributing to the flourishing of the art of writing in our country. The previous ones, combined with the fresh look that distinguishes our approach to the themes of our books, have led to version and release of several original collections of short stories, which have emerged after related competition. The contest he, or it is announced directly by the publishers brands of our group (Ed. iWrite and publications Source), or in collaboration with other creators or organized groups from the field of literature. The volumes that have resulted from this type of activity have stood out for their thematic and originality, they are unique in Greek literature and deserve your attention!

Let's look in more detail at some illustrative examples.

Stories of our place

The Project "Stories of our place". Ioannina, Larissa, Trikala, Thessaloniki, Karpathos, Alexandroupoli, Didymoteicho, Kilkis, Drama, Rhodes, Giannitsa. All these cities were made more accessible to readers, through the short stories of dozens of authors who presented their short stories against the background of the places they grew up and loved. A unique series of books published by iWrite which stimulated the cultural element in the Greek province


The Old PASOK - Orthodox page is one of the most popular projects on the Greek Facebook, with over 150.000 members, having created a strong social footprint that has taken the form of... a movement with humor as a vehicle. At publications iWrite we have worked harmoniously with the Palaiopasok administrators, having released to date two volumes resulting from the conduct of respective prototype competitions. "Old PASOK - The Orthodox, Socialist Stories '80s - '90s" and "Old PASOK - The Orthodox 2 - The leader in Greece during the crisis" have already become our best selling titles, winning the readership. And it goes on and on

The Epics of Fantasy

In collaboration with the cultural club Phantasmagoria of Thessaloniki, the publications iWrite released four collective volumes, as part of the Fantasy Festival Phantasmagoria in the co-capital. Dozens of aspiring fiction writers participated in the competition and were invited to present their special short stories, inspired by different concepts each time: Impasse, Resurrection, Uses and Curse.

TV series inspire

Popular TV series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have been a useful source of inspiration for us to announce the holding of competitions that graft the modern pop culture with the Greek history rich in images and events. In "Games of Thrones in Byzantium" (ed. iWrite) we carried over the atmosphere of his books/TV series Martin in a Byzantine background, while in "zombie in GREECE" (ed. iWrite) our writers have made an experimental mix of the modern perspective on zombies, with the relatively unknown Greek tradition of bourkolaks.

The vision of colonization

The human desire to move to other worlds has been a favorite theme of the science fiction field throughout time, both at the level of writing and television production. Interest has skyrocketed in recent decades due to the achievements of space science and the progress made in observing distant worlds. The Publishing Source announced a related competition and the volume "Looking for another Earth" now adorns the shelves of bookstores, having even been awarded in fantasy festival of 2022 as one of the best short story collections of the year.

Making the Pandemic... an opportunity!

His advent Covid-19 it was - in addition to the challenge for the health systems of the planet - an unprecedented social shock for the citizens of the states. The quarantines imposed on thousands of regions of our planet violently changed decades of habits and social attitudes. At Publishing Source we decided to invite aspiring writers to take advantage of the quarantine period by expressing their particular concerns through a short story. The result was version of the volume "Stay close to me, from far away", which has already acquired a special semiological and collecting value.

The strength in unity

Our partnerships with successful individual or collective online projects, mthrough one competition or more, are always high on our agenda. With the page The Weird Side Daily we worked together for version of the collective volume "Into the Darkness" (published by Pigi), which had as its central theme Erebus, while with of Apostolis Cheirdaris, we released the collective work "After the end" (published by iWrite) in which we featured stories following the events of a post-apocalypse on our planet.

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